Having an e-commerce business means keeping your clients interested and loyal while passing through information about your products/services engagingly. It isn’t an easy or simple task. That’s where animated explainer videos come in!

If you are eager to understand and learn how to incorporate animated explainer videos and use them to grow your e-commerce business, then this blog is perfect for you! From grabbing attention to increasing conversions, it will look at the many benefits of incorporating video editing services and animated explainer videos into your marketing strategy.

You’ll also learn about the best video editing company to help you create professional and captivating animated explainer videos that drive results. Keep reading to discover the power of animated explainer videos!

What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos, as the name suggests, are videos that can easily explain difficult concepts by making use of visual graphics. These videos can explain any idea, product, or service. These videos typically use colorful illustrations, dynamic animations, and a clear voiceover to deliver a message that the viewer can quickly absorb.

Marketing, education, and training are just a few of the many uses for animated explainer videos. They are a fantastic method to attract and keep viewers interested, boosting conversions and purchases.

How does the Animated Explainer Video work?

As mentioned previously, animated explainer videos are a great way to explain complex ideas or concepts to your target audience easily. But there is also a certain process behind creating such animated explainer videos.

To begin with, you need to look for a reputed video editing company that fits your budget. Such a company usually offers various services, including storyboarding, scriptwriting, voiceover recording, animation, and editing.

After this, you and the video editing agency must work together to create a concept based on your needs. You must collaboratively decide on your target audience, your main message to the audience, and the larger visual effects style you would like to use.

The video editing company will then create a personalized script for you and start work on the video editing services, such as animation and sound effects. As part of the visual aid, relevant characters and backgrounds will be added. Voiceover and music will be a part of the hearing aid. They’ll also make necessary edits to ensure the video flows smoothly and effectively conveys your message.

You can use these innovative and targeted videos to communicate your business ideas to the audience in a fun but effective, memorable, and professional manner.

Why are Animated Explainer Videos so Effective?

Essentially, animated explainer videos are super effective because they utilize creative and engaging tools to convey information. These animation and storytelling elements used by a video editing company work so well because of the following reasons:

1. Helps in Captivating Your Audience

Using animation is a great and useful technique to capture and hold your audience’s attention. Viewers are more inclined to pay attention to the message you are trying to express when there are vibrant colors, interesting characters, and entertaining animations. Additionally, animation simplifies conveying complicated ideas or items since it enables you to construct a universe that doesn’t exist in reality.

2. Simplifies Complex Information

It is a known fact that explaining certain difficult or complex information to people is a tough task. Animated explainer videos that a video editing agency creates employ storytelling to simplify difficult concepts into direct words. Viewers are more likely to recall the message you are attempting to express if you use visual aids and concise language.

3. Increases Engagement

Traditional videos that are boring or not unique will not attract much engagement. On the other hand, animated explainer videos have creative elements that push people to share them on social media platforms regularly. As a result of these videos being circulated on social media, your products or services will attract a newer audience and also simultaneously and effectively reach your target audience.

5. Increases Audience Retention

Studies show that viewers retain information better through video content than written text. A video editing agency creates animated explainer videos that can help your audience remember your message more easily, increasing the chances of them taking action.

6. Highly Cost-Effective

When compared to live-action videos, animated explainer videos are more cost-effective. Even though video editing services are not inexpensive, they cut down on costs by not requiring expensive sets, actors, or locations. Additionally, they can be produced faster, saving you money on the fees charged by a video editing company.

How can Animated Explainer Videos Help E-commerce Businesses?

Animation-based explainer videos are a great method to promote and advance e-commerce companies. They can assist you in showcasing your goods or services, enhancing your brand’s reputation, and boosting sales. Animated explainer videos can help your e-commerce business in the following ways:

1. Helps to Highlight Your Product/Service Features

You may show off your products/services entertainingly, compellingly, and creatively using animated explainer videos from the best video editing company. You can also convince potential clients to buy your products/service by emphasizing their features and advantages.

2. Improved Brand Image

A well-made animated explainer video by a video editing agency can help you improve your brand image. By making a refined and interesting video, you may demonstrate to your customers that you take your business seriously and are dedicated to offering high-quality goods and services.

3. Boosts Website Traffic

You can boost traffic and engagement on your e-commerce website by incorporating such engaging animated explainer videos. Additionally, such creative and dynamic videos have higher chances of being shared on social media platforms, which can bring new customers to the website.

4. Creates an Opportunity to Increase Conversion Rates

Your conversion rates can go up with animated explainer videos. It is because you can convince potential clients to buy your items by demonstrating how they function and the advantages they can derive from using them.

5. Enhances Brand Awareness

A great method for raising brand recognition is by using animated explainer videos. You may leave a lasting impression on your audience by making a video highlighting your business’s distinct style and elements.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Customer service can also be offered with animated explainer videos. You can save time and increase customer satisfaction by producing videos demonstrating how to use your products or responding to frequently asked inquiries.

7. Makes you Stand out From Competitors

Animated explainer videos will help you stand out from your competitors. You can carve a niche for your e-commerce business in the market with the help of such creative and communicative animated videos made by the best video editing company.


Incorporating animated explainer videos into your e-commerce business strategy can be a game-changer. As you’ve understood before, from simplifying complex concepts to engaging and retaining customers, animated explainer videos offer numerous benefits for online businesses and are a must-have tool.

With Motion Edits, the best video editing company, you can take your e-commerce business to the next level by creating visually appealing and engaging animated explainer videos. With their focus on 2D and 3D animation, video post-production, and much more, they can assist you in producing the ideal animated explainer video for your company. Additionally, their experienced team and cutting-edge technologies are a bonus!

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